4 Reasons I DO Think Much About the Spiritual Formation Movement

Caution: Contains more “God talk” than usual. If this irritates you, you might want to stop here and go see this instead… And I dare you to not smile.

More Caution: Be suspicious of “spiritual formation movements.” Don’t confuse “take up your cross” with “take up your cause.” Spiritual formation is a process facilitated by a lifestyle.

Spiritual mise en place

I don’t function well in messes. Unfortunately, however, I do create them.

For instance, if the kitchen counters are cluttered, there may be no dinner. I have a distaste for culinary chaos, preferring to cook in an ordered space. Ironically, though, when I have finished, the place will probably resemble a tornado-ravaged trailer park. Such is my creative process. Continue reading


Trendy (NOT!) Reading I Recommend

Books become best friends ushering us into places we would never have gone to have experiences we could never have imagined with people we might never have known. And by default we become best friends with their creators, as well. Therefore, “many of my best friends are dead,” is a lament often heard.

I worked in a Christian book store for a number of years and saw firsthand the rise and fall of fads and trends in spiritual thought and teaching. The number of personalities ready to hold forth on special niche topics–I suppose I could be considered one of them–can be overwhelming, staggering, tiring. Continue reading

Getting to Know You

Human introductions are not unlike a couple of canines at the dog park. We seem prone, at first, to eye one another cautiously, getting just close enough for our hairy coats to touch,  then we finally risk sniffing around in the other’s private business. I get that it takes time for trust to build–as it should, and that you may glance at me cautiously, whether we have known one another in some previous setting or are just getting acquainted through these pages. In either case, I hope you will come at least close enough for our fur to touch–you might as well Continue reading