“And this is your brain/faith on…Poetry”


The best things said about spiritual formation are DEscriptive not PREscriptive.

The first time I read Robert Frost’s biography, The Aim Was Song, it resonated deeply with me for reasons I could not explain. What I know now is that the words were describing a process taking place inside me, not suggesting some outlying path I should take.

Barely 30, in Frost’s story I found something of my own. The author of the famous “Two roads diverged in a narrow woods…” poem, invited me to entertain an invitation to Continue reading


Transformation’s THING of Fire

Firefighters in RainDon’t be fooled by the photo. It’s been a tragic summer in the Northwest. For many, everything has changed. People, wildlife, vegetation… For families of fallen firefighters, life will always have a before and after reference Continue reading

Writing 201: Poetry 5 – Paper Fog

I hope I’m not just being annoying by switching up the subject matter a bit. This has little to do with integrated spirituality, per se, but I guess if you’re willing, you can make an argument for most anything.

Like yesterday at church, I got caught red-handed by the pastor, teaching Continue reading

Writing 201: Poetry 4 – On Marshawn

It was fun to reminisce about the crazy ride we took in 2014 with the Seattle Seahawks and our remarkable running back, Marshawn Lynch. It may seem a stretch to link my love of football with Lent, but since I’m being prompted to give Continue reading

Haiku 1: Water

WordPress is offering a course on poetry so I am practicing here. Today’s assignment was to write a haiku or tanka using a simile. The prompt is water. Hope you don’t mind a little play with words.

Boni and village woman in Kenya on water project

Photo courtesy of Boni Piper’s FB post

Catch the Rain projects in Kenya came to mind, wherein holding tanks are provided to catch seasonal rains so that the women and girls of the villages can spend time on Continue reading