How to avoid end of year panic

Did you watch it? As the end of the year approaches, many of us feel the same urgency that White Rabbit expressed in this scene from Alice in Wonderland. I know because you’re driving on the same streets as me. You’re behind me Continue reading


“And this is your brain/faith on…Poetry”


The best things said about spiritual formation are DEscriptive not PREscriptive.

The first time I read Robert Frost’s biography, The Aim Was Song, it resonated deeply with me for reasons I could not explain. What I know now is that the words were describing a process taking place inside me, not suggesting some outlying path I should take.

Barely 30, in Frost’s story I found something of my own. The author of the famous “Two roads diverged in a narrow woods…” poem, invited me to entertain an invitation to Continue reading