Why You, Me and Britney Spears Should Stop While We’re Still Having Fun

I was suprised to discover how long I have been away from the blog–apologies for the unexplained silence. Life happens and… Boom! Two months is gone.

It’s amazing what comes to mind when you’re mindlessly picking raspberries on a relaxed Sunday afternoon in the hot summer sun. So I ran inside when my bucket was full and wrote down what I was thinking. Only after I had thrown down a draft did I look at what and when I had previously posted. Then I laughed out loud. All by myself. The last post was on recovering from injury. Apparently I need to chill because…

Six women, one in therapeutic cam boot

Sam’s Bridal Shower

Oops! I did it again (start at 0:51 to karaoke!)
Played with my whole heart
Got lost in the game
O bummer, Baby
Oops! It’s pickleball love
Not sent from above
It just LOOKS innocent Continue reading