How to avoid end of year panic

Did you watch it? As the end of the year approaches, many of us feel the same urgency that White Rabbit expressed in this scene from Alice in Wonderland. I know because you’re driving on the same streets as me. You’re behind me Continue reading


Why I’m a pacifist in the “Christmas war”

I’m reblogging for the second time in a row. I think you’ll thank me.

I have allowed myself to be busier this December than I meantclip-art-war-403131.jpg
to be–and love it. But I haven’t managed my time very well or left enough margin between Continue reading

How to ruin an imperfectly good Christmas

All I want for Christmas is…perfection.

currier and ives 3

Every year about this time the phone rings and I answer it to the dreaded question, “Mom, what do you want for Christmas?” Don’t get me wrong. I could whip out a gimme list as quickly Continue reading

Jesus Comes Anyway: On Creating (and Letting Go of) Meaningful Christmas Traditions | Addie Zierman | How To Talk Evangelical

On Monday, I told you about our December 1st Dinner tradition–which was a ton of fun, by the way. If I was any good at pictures, I’d show you some. Real truth is I was more caught up in making the memory than in capturing it.

This post from Addie Zierman (fast becoming one of my favorite young bloggers), sits on the other end of the seasonal teeter-totter, offering a balancing tension. It’s from last year, but feels timeless. I love it. Hope you do, too.