Owning Time

To the lilac jungle outside my window:
Once a well-groomed, refined specimen
Today a tangle
Of brambles and unruly growth
Twisting and reaching
But with a vastly different sort
Of beauty and presence

How much more shelter
You offer to robins and finches
Protecting their young from the sparrow hawks
How much more shade from the scorching, summer heat
You proffer to the ground critter
How much more profuse your flowers, diffuse your fragrance
For all to enjoy
For your longevity and unfettered freedom to grow

There will be a time to prune

In fact, a harsh reality awaits you
Once the blooms fade
“By no more than a third,” the experts say,
“and at just the right time
Open up the inside
so it’s less prone to disease
Eliminate suckers
that syphon off energy
Oh!–and at just the right time
to ensure that
You. Will. Flower. Again.

We are a lilac jungle


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