Easter Octave: Love On a Grand Scale

Mother’s Day greetings have replaced Easter in the card racks, the bunnies are clearanced and the pastel peanut M&M’s are 50% off (thank you, Mars Candy, for NOT helping…).

Being a musician, the phrase “Easter Octave” caught my ear. It was news to me to learn that, for centuries, Easter was formally observed as a full season, not just a day or even a few days, within the liturgical cycle.

Easter through the following Sunday makes up the “octave” (eight). Each Sunday after Easter is known as the second Sunday of Easter, the third and so on, until Pentecost. All of that to justify for us non-liturgists why I’m still posting this piece of art related to Easter, four days “late”.

Listening to the narration (:55-1:40), I was struck by the thought that God’s hand securely holds a symbol of victory even above the apex of humanity’s depravity as fully displayed. Christ’s Love does indeed contain the capacity to conquer all.

Thanks to a colleague, Mark, who shared this with me, I’m passing it on for you to have a few mid-week moments with. I hope you take it.

How does it speak to you?



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