Why You, Me and Britney Spears Should Stop While We’re Still Having Fun

I was suprised to discover how long I have been away from the blog–apologies for the unexplained silence. Life happens and… Boom! Two months is gone.

It’s amazing what comes to mind when you’re mindlessly picking raspberries on a relaxed Sunday afternoon in the hot summer sun. So I ran inside when my bucket was full and wrote down what I was thinking. Only after I had thrown down a draft did I look at what and when I had previously posted. Then I laughed out loud. All by myself. The last post was on recovering from injury. Apparently I need to chill because…

Six women, one in therapeutic cam boot

Sam’s Bridal Shower

Oops! I did it again (start at 0:51 to karaoke!)
Played with my whole heart
Got lost in the game
O bummer, Baby
Oops! It’s pickleball love
Not sent from above
It just LOOKS innocent

Oops! I did it again
Played too long and hard
Still think I got game
O bummer, Baby
Oops! Guess two hours is enough
Can’t stop having fun
But I’m not that disciplined…

Oops! I did it again
I wanted to win
It’s not just a game…!
O bummer, Baby
Oops! Just look at me now
I have to sit out
Guess I’m not innocent

“All out or get out” looks great on motivational posters at the gym. And it seems, on its face, to be good advice–especially if you’re into sweaty images of bulging biceps and adorable abs. But in this case, pushing past the edge of what’s safe for my body in this season has taken me out of the game entirely…again. That’s dangerous territory for me. When I can’t move, depression lurks in the shadows.

So tell me…How does one honor limitations without compromising wholeheartedness? Apparently I’m not doing so well. School me?


Oops! I did it again (video)
 I played with your heart
 Got lost in the game
 O Baby, Baby
 Oops! You think I'm in love
 That I'm sent from above
 I'm not that innocent

(Original lyrics here  )

Disclaimer: Don’t mistake me for a Britney fan…but if you lived through the late 90’s, this tune is probably stored in your gray matter, too, just waiting for an unguarded moment to pounce. Consider yourself warned.


3 thoughts on “Why You, Me and Britney Spears Should Stop While We’re Still Having Fun

  1. Oh, Gwen! I’m sorry you’ve suffered another injury! How may I help to cheer you? You are such a precious friend, though you wouldn’t know it for the too long time since I’ve been in touch. Please let me know what I can do to help.

    With much love,



    • Just hearing from you brjngs cheer. Thanks for checking in. Apologies for my slow response. Haven’t been to this little haven in a while. It’s good to know you lurk about. Hope things are well with you.

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