Why I’m a pacifist in the “Christmas war”

I’m reblogging for the second time in a row. I think you’ll thank me.

I have allowed myself to be busier this December than I meantclip-art-war-403131.jpg
to be–and love it. But I haven’t managed my time very well or left enough margin between planned activities to be fully engaged in each, or saved much for when I return home in the evening. And I sure don’t deal well with the prevailing expectations around how I celebrate–or not!–on any side of the current culture war. Maybe you can relate.

These few words about Advent from Greg Goebel of The Anglican Pastor remind us that there is something beyond this thing we’ve come to call Christmas that invites a second look. Expanding my approach to include Advent in the season has made a significant difference in the spaciousness I experience even with a full schedule.

Here’s the essence of it, in case you don’t have time for the full piece.

So restoring Advent isn’t about “traditional” rules. It isn’t about being “right” or “correct.” Restoring Advent is about healing the guilt that so many people associate with the feasting of Christmas. It’s about being a healing presence in a shame based culture. It’s about enjoying the Twelve Days with gusto rather than boredom.

That’s just good, no matter your position. Of course, Advent began on November 29th this year, so we’re halfway there. If you feel inspired but fear you’re too late, you’re not. You can enter the spirit of it any time. (It’s also the beginning of the church calendar year. It’s akin to saying, “I missed celebrating New Year’s so I’ll just skip January…”).

Here’s the link to the rest of the piece and some resources to help you take some steps on a meaningful Advent journey, should you decide to embark…

  • Family activities
  • Explanations
  • Music

My advice is not to expend much energy on the rumblings caused by the Christmas war. It makes the faithful looks a little foolish since it’s always been more than most of us have allowed it to be anyway. Come to think of it, maybe all the noise is doing us a favor. Say thank you.




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