Early Morning Prayer While Camping

wpid-2015-08-19-19.54.532.jpg.jpegO Great Creating Spirit
Designer of Universe
Engineer of Earth
Who receives praise from rivers and pines
And from we who would squeeze your grandscape into spires
Like a debutante’s pinched toes in man-eating stilettos

And you would not be confined
Who builds your own staircase of roots and moss
To stages with backdrops of mountainous mass
Against which play dramas of ducklings
And diving osprey—now takes a screaming victory lap
With talons full of twisting trout
Who assures acoustic perfection and offers free the finest seats in the house

Let my aching soul step from her refined religious heels
And touch each barefoot inch to your firm, sacred ground
Spreading toes in delight, may she expand to let in the full spectrum of light
Illuminating all glorious matter—displaying your wealth, your worth
And from within it, live!
Without pretense

And when the curtain falls
The theatre empties and the set goes dark
Still, the marquee twinkles your name
In lights above our heads
While the cast unwinds and the streets grow quiet
“For he gives sleep to his beloved”
And when I rise early to pee, you call me to a private showing


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