Breaking [a Perfectionist’s] Silence

There are several reasons why I’ve taken some time off but only one of them matters enough to mention:  my decided bent toward perfectionism.

Heraclitus with hand over mouth, worried look

Photo: From Heritage Malta

Perhaps “Anything worth doing is worth doing well” is one wisdom saying my overactive conscience could have done without. Nonetheless, what’s done is done, so  if you’ll indulge me, consider this post therapy.

I ran across this line today  while researching project management tools about what can help you do:

  • Drill down to get more insight on an activity or operation

It stuck. I’ve been thinking this afternoon about what happens when we spend time with God and with a spiritual director— our own personal

We are stopping to reflect and notice where God might be at work in our daily lives. We are collecting the material, taking notes, creating a spiritual flow chart. Given enough time and attention, this becomes a way to drill down to get more insight on God’s activity or some way the Spirit is operating in our life.

And who doesn’t want more insight on that? I certainly have questions, and once in a while, I’m even graced with a little clarity; “just enough light for the step I’m on,” as Stormie O’Martian writes.

There. Not perfect, but that’s a part of what God’s working on in me. How about you? What project are you and God working on together? Do you have a spiritual director (a what…?!) to help you listen and notice?


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