Writing 201: Poetry 5 – Paper Fog

I hope I’m not just being annoying by switching up the subject matter a bit. This has little to do with integrated spirituality, per se, but I guess if you’re willing, you can make an argument for most anything.

Like yesterday at church, I got caught red-handed by the pastor, teaching stretching exercises to a couple of friends in the fellowship hall instead of attending Sunday School hour. It’s hard to sit with your knees at a 90 degree angle when they hurt. And the physical therapist says it’s better to limit how much time we sit like that, anyway. If we all do our stretching faithfully this week, we’ll be more attentive for next week’s sermon, right?

See what I mean? You can make an argument for most anything. Thanks for indulging me by letting me practice here.

Paper Fog

I’m sure my desk was clean just the other day
All the clutter put away
Ahoy! White fog settled, obscuring the view ahead
Cemetery markers of yesterday’s dead
Cards and receipts and important letters for filing
Unfinished projects keep piling
How I loved that day when it was not so
But that was weeks ago!


Here’s the skinny. Theme was fog, form was elegy, device metaphor.


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