Writing 201: Poetry 4 – On Marshawn

It was fun to reminisce about the crazy ride we took in 2014 with the Seattle Seahawks and our remarkable running back, Marshawn Lynch. It may seem a stretch to link my love of football with Lent, but since I’m being prompted to give up ease (more on that another time) Lynch seems a fitting icon. Words like presence, commitment, service, even silence and solitude–though not in the ways we often think of them–come to mind.

In solidarity with the NFL’s many opposing defensive linemen, I can’t easily explain why Beast Mode burst through my gray matter as material for the poetry piece, except that I had probably come across yet another article moaning our loss and questioning the call that gave this one away at the goal line. In any case, here’s a little fun with words and form–even if you aren’t into football.

Marshawn Lynch

AP Photo (Link below)

 The challenge was animal themed, using concrete form and “enjambment” as device. You can read more about that here, for those who care about such things.

AP Photo link here


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