Haiku 1: Water

WordPress is offering a course on poetry so I am practicing here. Today’s assignment was to write a haiku or tanka using a simile. The prompt is water. Hope you don’t mind a little play with words.

Boni and village woman in Kenya on water project

Photo courtesy of Boni Piper’s FB post

Catch the Rain projects in Kenya came to mind, wherein holding tanks are provided to catch seasonal rains so that the women and girls of the villages can spend time on education and business rather than walking for water.


Photo courtesy of Memo Acevedo’s FB post

In the Northwest, we have had unusually warm weather while, by contrast Boston and New York are buried in snow. The ski resorts and orchardists would welcome a bit of that here just now.

Thoughts about what water means for varied peoples at any given time prompted the following:

Water, as in cleave
One word meaning opposites
Dealing death and life
From Katrina to Kenya
Contrast study; like real life

(This is actually a tanka, not a haiku, the structure being five lines of syllables in this order: 5-7-5-7-7. Maybe the reference to holding tanks was a freudian thing…? Funny how the mind works.)

As always, love to hear from you. What does water mean to you? Comments are up top.


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