Wonder what’s going on in the “real” world?

I’ll begin with a confession: My default setting is to segregate and isolate myself from anything uncomfortable–and there’s plenty of that!
It’s cozy and benign but keeps me from living fully present in the life I’m given.

Can I make one more confession? As a member of a relatively small community, I appreciate the efforts of my local news and even enjoy it on one level. It doesn’t however, provide me with the kind of global perspective that I want (and think we are called) to embrace as fully alive human beings in the year 2014.

So I have intentionally added elements to my life which force me out of isolated thought and experience. The Week magazine is one of them.

Unlike the pop culture apps that come stock on many smartphones now, The Week offers a mishmash of views, a nice variety of topics, and quality writing.

Today’s topics, for instance, are:

  • The reality of the Ebola crisis
  • The case for marrying without a wedding
  • Spaghettio’s confused with meth (?!)
  • …more

You can get updates in your inbox. I recommend it.

Blessings, Gwen

Do you look only to sources that you agree with or do you welcome the challenge to engage with others whose opinions may differ? I would love to hear where you go for information and broad perspectives on current events.


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