Ten Principles of Sabbath-Is it for you?

I found this little gem today while writing on the blog. (Web-surfing is a convenient perk.) When learning about how to observe periods of rest, it seems reasonable to go to the experts.

Below are some good prompts for ways to begin. If you think it unimaginable to do anything remotely similar, the Sabbath Manifesto encourages you to think again.

In case you’re interested: “The Manifesto contains 10 core principles completely open for your unique interpretation. In anticipation of the National Day of Unplugging, MyJewishLearning.com was asked to detail the background, sources, and Jewish insights behind these principles.”

Here are their 10 Sabbath principles:

1. Avoid technology.

2. Connect with loved ones.

3. Nurture your health.

4. Get outside.

5. Avoid commerce.

6. Light candles.

7. Drink wine.

8. Eat bread.

9. Find silence.

10. Give back.

Notice that Sabbath is not synonymous here with Saturday or Sunday. In my case, though I’m neither Jewish in ethnicity nor in practice, it includes an emphasis on Sunday worship. That’s not on the list, though sacred gatherings were a part of the original practice of Sabbath. Still it is a part of my world that can sometimes be anything BUT restful. (All the mommies and worship staff said, Amen.”)

Notice also that these are principles to guide, not cumbersome practices to follow. Don’t be surprised if you find them a far cry from those early Puritan images of bored children sitting stiffly on equally stiff parlor couches. Quite the contrary.

Whether you are more on board with the worship aspect or appreciate the inclusion of wine, it’s hard to argue that, at a minimum, Sabbath is good for the body–whatever day works for you, at the least, a few hours in one day out of seven. Think of it as permission to not work, a personal day to chill out about scraping together own sustenance. That’s the point of Jesus’s bit about the well-dressed lilies of the field, right? And really…who doesn’t welcome a day off, especially when if it comes with the promise that Someone else will pick-up the slack while we’re…out…?


Here’s the link again, just for kicks.  It will allow you see the list with  expanded notes.


How can you put yourself in a Sabbath frame of mind and build in a period of intentional rest soon?

Me, I plan to attend a Christ-centered, me-centering, low stimulus worship service. Then I’ll spend the afternoon celebrating the gift of extended family, watching my 75-year-old cousin race his Corvette. That will be stimulus enough. You?


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