You think your life is boring?

It’s been a week of sleep deprivation and I’m ready to get back to [more] normal, because I actually have one these days. Whether we intend it or not, we probably all have some form of normal. Dailiness is inevitable–like taking the same roads to the same places, eating the same thing for lunch or forgetting to pay the same bill–again. (Yikes!)

Not naturally bent to do anything the same way twice, I am gaining a new appreciation, not for routine itself–that would be self-mutiny–but for the rest that comes as a result. You naturally-methodical types are shaking your heads and muttering, “Duh…” But trust me; for some of us, it’s just not in our genes.

Nonetheless, I’m experiencing the value of living with intention. Intention helps us pay attention. Consequently, I’m finding even the banal to be infused with beauty–and I smile a lot more.

Melody Lowe is someone who pays attention. I have followed her blog for a couple of years. I don’t know her natural bent, but I know that she routinely delivers her heart through

  • Beautiful photography
  • A short poem
  • Some insight that speaks to me.

I am sharing a link to her blog, Meanwhile, Melody Muses. and invite you to enjoy and be inspired as I always am.

Join me in making this a week of intention: (I intend to pay better attention to the clock which I think might result in an earlier bedtime!)

Where do you notice the beauty in your banal? Share what helps you pay attention.


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