Getting to Know You

Human introductions are not unlike a couple of canines at the dog park. We seem prone, at first, to eye one another cautiously, getting just close enough for our hairy coats to touch,  then we finally risk sniffing around in the other’s private business. I get that it takes time for trust to build–as it should, and that you may glance at me cautiously, whether we have known one another in some previous setting or are just getting acquainted through these pages. In either case, I hope you will come at least close enough for our fur to touch–you might as well since our paths are already crossing. Ultimately, I hope our conversation will become one of shared authenticity, as some of the things we hold closest to our chests may be exchanged here…our private business, so to speak. (Such is the nature of the screen age, yes?)

Since I tend naturally to over-explain, I am resisting the urge to try and persuade you that what I say might be worthy of your attention. Sometimes it’s nice just to step up eyeball to eyeball, touch noses and dive into play–perhaps the best way to be truly known over time.

To that end, I invite you to browse around.

Check out the archives (as it evolves…) and the additional pages (as I create them).

Click a link here…click a link there…and there….

You’ll find an eclectic mix of topics–clean eating recipes and lifestyle, spiritual formation, books/music and culture, original music and poetry and, of course, a few stories and reflections on family life and …well…life in general.

You’ll find some special projects: Catch the Rain–helping women in Kenya do just that so they don’t have to walk miles for water; Divog–building schools in Ghana; CFDM Northwest–training in Christian spiritual formation; and even our hop barn, one of the few left of its kind that we’re attempting to restore.

What you will always find, is that the end of the thread you pull on will lead, in some way, back to the Creator of all that is good and perfect, and Who invites you and I into a spacious life of freedom rather than into suffocating systems of compliance. This is the passion and purpose from which I write and live. The whats, whens, wheres and hows are tucked away in the cracks and crevices of my own healing-and-very-grateful heart, and are the subjects of books yet to be written. My Chains Are Gone is more than a nice contemporary worship anthem.  It is my story and my song.

So, anyway…if you want, I’d like us to know one another better. We can stay in touch if you click the black “Follow” button at the top right of the page. You’ll get an email letting you know there’s something new here. (That’s probably better than showing up at the park for a playdate and finding your friend is a no show… And the exits are well-marked if you decide after a while that, mixing metaphors, the appetizer was better than the meal. No questions asked.)

Ah! Guess it’s time to go. I just heard my Human whistle. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Hope to see you around… Woof.


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