Spiritual Direction

Spiritual refers to the intangible dimension of human existence. Direction implies giving guidance. Spiritual Direction is limited to neither. Rather, it is reflecting on the raw material of our lives, asking where God is present, and responding to Jesus’ invitation to “come…find rest for your soul.”

If you are experiencing any of the things listed below, you may benefit from the practice of meeting monthly with a spiritual director… someone who will listen, help you explore and offer a little help on the way.


20 Surprising Indications You Might Be Moving Closer to God (NOT Further Away!):

  1. You have doubts about your faith but fear acknowledging it
  2. Familiar expressions of worship start to feel inadequate
  3. You feel more creative…or less
  4. Your interest in self-knowledge grows
  5. Faith practices you have previously enjoyed feel empty, like study or service or small group
  6. You feel impatient with celebration
  7. You identify more deeply with humanity’s pain
  8. You feel the need to keep moving, you can’t sit still
  9. You experience feelings of overwhelm or exhaustion
  10. You begin to examine your political and social views
  11. You feel abandoned, disillusioned
  12. Nature seems more beautiful and inviting
  13. You repeat patterns of failure; life is full of unexplained obstacles
  14. The explanations and beliefs of your tradition are unsatisfying
  15. Prayer as you know it seems futile
  16. Bible reading brings as many questions as answers
  17. Emotional patterns change: you cry more easily…or not at all
  18. Goals and relationships seem to be falling apart
  19. You become more aware of your body and physical surroundings
  20. You long to do meaningful work in the world

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