Swan Song…for now.

This has been a place of practice, a landing spot for beginning with blogging; an honest attempt to articulate some learnings and leanings. As with life, we envision a thing and once in a while it turns out as we think. More often, there are twists and turns that lead elsewhere.  Such is the way of this online space.

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/52/Mute.swan.touchdown.arp.jpgHere, I have danced with formats and played with ideas, experiments in finding my voice that have occasionally resulted in something resembling an awkward adolescent male squeak. Mostly I’m okay with what made it to the page.

From much I haven’t written about in the last few years, has emerged a richer, fuller life. So I lay this down. Perhaps I will pick it up again one day, but if not a swan’s song it is, at the least, a looong intermission. (I’ve learned to never say never.)

You can find me other places doing other things, most notably as Director of Formation with CFDM Northwest. I’ll be posting to the FB page so we can stay in touch. I continue to offer a ministry of spiritual direction–a fancy name for paying attention to God, making a little music and learning to take myself less seriously.

Thanks for coming along–I’ve loved having your company. I trust it’s mutual.

Blessings, G


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Hi friends. This is too good not to share today. There are so many great thoughts, such a redemptive and hopeful way of living in the world offered through Naomi’s “different way of paying attention.”

What stands out to you in this conversation?